Manufacturing Engineer test

Manufacturing Engineer test
  • Bhopal
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  • Job Country: India
  • Job Industry: Information Technology (IT) & Telecommunication
  • Job Profile: Applications Developer
  • Training Duration: 3 months
  • Number of Jobs Opening: 30
  • Salary: ( 909090 - 546454 Per Month)
  • Job Type: Full Time
  • Required Experience: 2 Years
  • Minimum Education Level: 12th
  • Primary Language Requirement: Hindi
  • Level of Language: Elementary
  • Secondary Language Requirement: Hindi
  • Employee Acceptance: International
  • Work Location: Work at Office/Being at Work
  • Hiring Need: Within 15 days

Job Description: ool which finds the differences between two blocks of plain text, available on all operating systems.[1][2] It takes the form of a collection of web-pages, each one with a slightly different layout. To be compared, text is pasted directly into the web-page. Diff-Text was developed by DiffEngineX LLC and uses improved algorithms originally developed for the spreadsheet compare tool DiffEngineX. It allows the user to choose between comparing on the level of whole lines (or paragraphs), words or characters. If comparing whole lines, only the line that is not a part of the other block will be reported. Diff Text considers a paragraph to be any line ending with a Windows, Macintosh or Unix line terminator.

Job Requirement: Not only can Diff-Text spot whole paragraphs that have been moved up or down in a document, it can spot sentence re-ordering within a paragraph. To indicate this, the background color of the text changes to light blue and yellow.If the user specifies text movements should not be detected, its algorithm runs in (m log n) time, which is an improvement from the standard quadratic time often seen in software of this type. m and n refer to the sizes of the original and modified texts.

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