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We are offering our Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) service to multinational companies to build their workforce. Our recruitment outsourcing solutions can be delivered on-site through a team of recruiters that act as an extension of the client’s talent acquisition team, off-site, or through a combination of both, across country-aligned, multi-regional or global remits.

Our team of experts do extensive research on the Culture, Job Requirements, Work Culture and Values. So now the Objective of Aurawoo is to connect the employer with the candidates having required language training, skill training, knowledge and professionalism.Our research effectiveness, innovation, flexibility and professionalism make us a powerful and effective resource for your organization.

We have expertise in the Selection of the right candidates, Job Evaluation, Performance Management, Training and Development, Deployment and Industrial Relations. We make understand every candidate we teach through Aurawoo about the job countries’ culture and Values. We take the time to develop strong working relationships with our clients by understanding their business, their needs, and the company culture. With our human resources and business expertise, we select and teach the candidates accordingly who align with business priorities and then support clients in implementation.

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1. Employer Requirements Analysis

The basis of every recruitment project is a detailed requirements analysis of your hiring requirements. You post your hiring requirement on our tech-enabled RPO platform. We will give you an honest assessment of the options for filling your vacancy and the time it takes to find the position before it is finally filled.

2. Candidate Search and Approach

Based on the requirements analysis, suitable candidates are identified from India, Nepal, Philippines & Thailand and approached for your vacancy. In doing so, we use all target-oriented channels of modern personnel search. The employer also has the option of selecting hire candidates from the job location country only.

3. Pre-Selection, Compliance & Training

We only shortlist the candidates who fulfil all the requirements of the employer. The aim of our candidate search should not only identify the most qualified applicant but select the "right" employee for you who fulfils all your requirements and is eligible to be a part of your workforce. Therefore, we check not only the professional but also the personal skills of the candidates. Our selection process includes the candidate’s background verification and visa eligibility.

4. Job Interview and Selection

You shortlist the candidates based on your preference and go through the individual application process. We support you with efficient scheduling and prepare both you and the candidate for the job interview. As an intermediary, we ensure open and timely feedback with both parties and clarify open questions if necessary.

5. Recruitment Process, Documentation and Aftercare

We help the selected candidate with visas and other legal formalities. We also moderate the contract negotiations and make sure that both parties are satisfied with the result.

  • Find and engage the right talent faster with innovative sourcing and screening strategies with proven talent marketing and employer branding strategies
  • Hire only such candidates who fulfil your language, skill and experience requirements
  • Hire from the pool of Selected, Trained and Verified candidates created as per your customized workforce requirements in your recruitment timeframe
  • Minimize hiring costs by hiring the right candidates from Asian countries
  • Build a more diverse workforce, a more equitable hiring strategy and an inclusive culture
  • Create talent pools for niche and in-demand skills to source qualified talent faster
  • Gain specialized sourcing, talent marketing, candidate management and onboarding expertise instantly without having to invest in internal resources
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