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Aurawoo Project Work Outsourcing (PWO) is a uniquely flexible customized cost-efficient team building solution that helps companies from all around the world to hirededicated remote working employees from India, Nepal, Bangladesh, Thailand and the Philippines. The employer pays the fixed salary of their dedicated team working remotely, the team is managed by Aurawoo through the dedicated project manager to ensure the delivery of quality work on time. Aurawoo PWO end to end solution monitors the working process of the hired teamtoensure the smooth and seamless working of your dedicated remote team for the complete duration of the project.

  • You pay the fixed salary of your dedicated team working remotely managed by Aurawoo.
  • Reduce your project cost by 60% by hiring your Dedicated Team working remotely.
  • Team management by the dedicated project manager to manage the whole working and reporting process.
  • Office, Infrastructure and other resourcesare managed by Aurawoo for the smooth working of your remotely working dedicated team.
  • We ensure to build a highly efficient dedicated team for you that delivers quality work on time.
  • We process all the legal formalities between the employer and employee to make sure you own all the copyrights and other intellectual property rights.

Why choose Aurawoo Project Work Outsourcing (PWO) Solution

  1. Hire your cost-efficient remote working team quickly and seamlessly.
  2. No Hiring fees, visa fees, medical insurance and other incentives
  3. 50% lower salary of a highly efficient team
  4. Hire & Fire as per your project requirement with a flexible hiring duration option.
  5. No fixed cost is attached to the hiring of an employee
  6. Access to real-time data and reporting of your employee
  7. No need to fulfil compliance and regulatory requirements

How Aurawoo Project Work Outsourcing (PWO) is different from Traditional Freelancing and Project Outsourcing.

  1. Traditional Project outsourcing charges you as per your project requirements or Per hour cost.
  2. 60% lesser cost when compared to traditional project outsourcing
  3. 50% lesser cost in case of hiring work from office/working in your location.
  4. Full-time Dedicated team working on your project only.
  5. Daily reporting of work done by your dedicated team through the Project manager.
  6. Monitor the real-time working of your employee of your dedicated team.
  7. Your dedicated employee cannot take any work in between hired duration.
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