Flight Follwer

Flight Follwer
  • Dubai
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  • Job Country: UAE
  • Job Industry: Aviation & Airport Management
  • Job Profile: Flight Follower
  • Training Duration: Not Required
  • Number of Jobs Opening: 60
  • Salary: 200000 ( 200000 - 250000 Per Month)
  • Job Type: Full Time
  • Visa: Provided by company
  • Food: Provided by company
  • Accommodation: Provided by company
  • Air ticket: Provided by company
  • Medical Insurance: Provided by Company
  • Commuting to job location: Provided by company
  • Required Experience: 1 Year
  • Minimum Education Level: Bachelor’s Degree
  • Primary Language Requirement: English
  • Level of Language: Beginner
  • Secondary Language Requirement: English
  • Employee Acceptance: International
  • Work Location: Work at Office/Being at Work
  • Hiring Need: Immediate

Job Description: Summary: The Flight Follower position in Dubai, UAE, within the aviation and airport management industry, involves providing operational support and monitoring flights to ensure safe and efficient operations. This role requires strong attention to detail, excellent communication skills, and a comprehensive understanding of flight planning and dispatch procedures. Key Responsibilities: Flight Monitoring: The Flight Follower monitors flight activities, including departure, en route, and arrival phases. They track flights in real-time, maintain situational awareness, and promptly respond to any deviations or issues that may arise during flight operations. Flight Planning and Dispatch: The Flight Follower assists in flight planning and dispatch activities. They coordinate with flight crew, ground handling agencies, and air traffic control to ensure accurate flight plans, obtain necessary clearances, and facilitate smooth flight operations. Communication and Coordination: Effective communication and coordination are essential. The Flight Follower liaises with various stakeholders, including pilots, air traffic controllers, ground handling personnel, and airline representatives, to exchange important information, address inquiries, and facilitate efficient operations. Weather Monitoring: The Flight Follower monitors weather conditions along the flight route and at destination airports. They assess the impact of weather on flight operations, provide relevant updates to flight crew, and collaborate with meteorological services to obtain accurate and timely weather information. Aircraft Performance Analysis: The Flight Follower analyzes aircraft performance data to ensure compliance with operational limitations and regulations. They assess fuel requirements, weight and balance considerations, and other performance factors to support safe and efficient flight operations. Emergency and Contingency Planning: The Flight Follower assists in emergency and contingency planning. They contribute to the development of response plans, collaborate with relevant parties in emergency situations, and ensure adherence to standard operating procedures to mitigate risks. Documentation and Reporting: Accurate documentation and reporting are crucial. The Flight Follower maintains records of flight activities, communication logs, and operational data. They contribute to generating reports, analyzing trends, and providing insights to improve operational efficiency.

Job Requirement: Requirements: Bachelor's degree in Aviation Management, Aeronautical Science, or a related field (preferred) Knowledge of flight planning and dispatch procedures Excellent attention to detail and ability to work with precision Strong communication and coordination skills Familiarity with aviation weather monitoring tools and systems Understanding of aircraft performance considerations Ability to work under pressure in a fast-paced environment Proficiency in relevant flight operations software and tools Experience in flight operations or dispatch (preferred) If you have a passion for aviation, possess strong attention to detail, and enjoy supporting flight operations, this Flight Follower role in Dubai, UAE, offers an exciting opportunity to be a part of the dynamic field of aviation and airport management.

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