• Abu Dhabi
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  • Job Country: UAE
  • Job Industry: Finance, Banking & Insurance
  • Job Profile: Auditor
  • Training Duration: 1 month
  • Number of Jobs Opening: 45
  • Salary: 200000 ( 200000 - 250000 Per Month)
  • Job Type: Full Time
  • Visa: Provided by company
  • Food: Provided by company
  • Accommodation: Provided by company
  • Air ticket: Provided by company
  • Medical Insurance: Provided by Company
  • Commuting to job location: Provided by company
  • Required Experience: 1 Year
  • Minimum Education Level: Bachelor’s Degree
  • Primary Language Requirement: English
  • Level of Language: Beginner
  • Secondary Language Requirement: English
  • Employee Acceptance: International
  • Work Location: Work at Office/Being at Work
  • Hiring Need: Immediate

Job Description: We are currently seeking a skilled and detail-oriented Auditor to join our team in Abu Dhabi, UAE. As an Auditor, you will be responsible for examining and evaluating financial records, ensuring compliance with regulations, and providing independent assessments of internal controls and financial processes. This position requires strong analytical skills, knowledge of auditing principles, and the ability to maintain objectivity and confidentiality. Key Responsibilities: Audit Planning: Assist in developing audit plans and programs based on risk assessments, industry standards, and regulatory requirements. Identify key audit objectives, scope, and testing procedures. Financial Record Examination: Conduct thorough examinations of financial records, statements, and supporting documents to ensure accuracy, completeness, and compliance with applicable accounting standards and regulations. Internal Control Evaluation: Evaluate the effectiveness of internal controls, risk management processes, and governance structures. Identify control weaknesses, assess risks, and provide recommendations for improvement. Compliance and Regulatory Audit: Ensure compliance with relevant laws, regulations, and internal policies. Conduct audits to assess compliance with regulatory requirements, contractual obligations, and industry best practices. Audit Testing: Perform detailed testing of financial transactions, processes, and controls to validate accuracy and reliability. Use sampling techniques and data analysis tools to draw conclusions and identify anomalies or potential issues. Audit Reporting: Prepare comprehensive audit reports, highlighting findings, recommendations, and areas for improvement. Communicate audit results to management, highlighting control deficiencies and proposing remedial actions. Stakeholder Engagement: Collaborate with internal stakeholders, including management, finance teams, and operational staff, to gather information, address inquiries, and provide guidance on internal control matters. Continuous Improvement: Stay updated on emerging trends, auditing standards, and industry best practices. Continuously enhance audit methodologies, tools, and processes to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of the audit function

Job Requirement: Requirements: Bachelor's degree in Accounting, Finance, or a related field. Professional certifications such as CPA or CIA are preferred. Proven experience as an Auditor or in a similar role within the finance, banking, or insurance industry. Solid understanding of auditing principles, financial accounting standards, and regulatory requirements. Strong analytical and problem-solving skills to identify risks, assess controls, and evaluate financial records. Excellent attention to detail and ability to work with large volumes of data. Proficiency in using audit software, data analysis tools, and Microsoft Office applications. Knowledge of internal control frameworks, risk assessment methodologies, and governance structures. Strong communication and interpersonal skills to effectively communicate audit findings and recommendations. Ability to work independently, manage multiple assignments, and meet deadlines. Familiarity with audit regulations, compliance requirements, and industry best practices. Fluency in English; additional language skills are advantageous.

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